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November 8, 2023

Job Site Security: Tower vs. Trailer

Construction job sites deserve a high level of security protection, and a job site security tower can provide that for you. However, security firms also provide trailers that provide many of the same benefits. The best option for you will come down to a few simple factors, so please read on to learn more about the differences between these two methods.

How Towers Work

A job site security tower is a tall but easy-to-move and install option that uses cameras and various other security devices to track intruders on your site. They have 360-degree views and can see people further away than trailers. They’re also a very obvious sign of high-quality site security, one that intruders and saboteurs will take seriously before hitting your site.

Just as importantly, towers utilize 24/7 tracking with security experts to spot intruders and keep them away. In a world where industrial sabotage is a common construction problem, you deserve this protection. Thankfully, towers and trailers provide the high-quality solution you need. Read on to learn more about how trailers might help you with this process.

How Trailers Work

Security trailers provide an easily mobile protection method that includes cameras, motion trackers, and even 24/7 personal monitoring. Security teams hook up to these trailers and can watch people walk through your facility, warm them away with speakers, or even immediately contact the proper authorities. Their smaller size makes them more compact and easier to move, though they don’t have the same scope and range as towers.

Trailers may provide a budget-friendly option that works well for many construction teams. After all, according to BigRentz, multi-family residential construction projects jumped by 18% in 2022 in the face of higher single-family home prices. These jobs can take some time to complete, and poor security can put them at risk. By getting an amazing security trailer, you can keep your site safe and avoid spending excessive cash.

The many benefits of a job site security tower or trailer make either one a great addition to your project site. They provide high-quality protection, minimize potential risks, and improve your overall process. Just as importantly, they give you peace of mind and reduce your anxiety. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re interested in one. Our team will set you up with a tower or trailer that makes sense for your job site and type.


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