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Don't Let Your Parking Lot Go Unsecured

When it comes to large parking lots, it is paramount to have proper and ample security. The larger the parking lot, the more cars and people that will be entering and exiting, which means the more likely an accident is going to happen. Stay ahead of the danger by choosing a parking lot security trailer or tower from Sky Guard. Our products utilize the latest technology so that you can monitor the entire area, no matter how large it is. You'll be able to keep an eye on anyone who enters the property and react to accidents or other events as they happen. 

The Sky Guard Team Is Here for You

Sky Guard offers many different kinds of high-quality parking lot security trailer products so that your specific and unique needs can be met. We will strive to ensure that your parking lot is secured using only the top products and the best features. No other company is as invested in your lot's safety as we are. In fact, before we even recommend any products, we'll first get to know you and your parking lot. This way, we know exactly what's needed and can perfectly match a product with those needs. So, don't wait to get in touch with us. When you are looking for a parking lot security tower


By deploying 247skyguard parking lot security cameras on their properties, a national retailer reduced break-ins, violent crimes, loitering, vandalism, and other incidents that negatively impacted their stores by 40–70%.
Increased safety for their associates and customers.
Added another investigative tool to assist when crime does occur.
Created a long-term security solution by subscribing to 247skyguard.


Our security company helps you bolster your property’s security. Protect your assets from various threats with a powerful combination of high-tech equipment.

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Everybody knows that crime happens in the shadows.
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Speakers capable of live talk-down through our VMS and blaring alarms
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Instantly receive notifications upon the detection of threats by our motion sensor cameras.
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