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September 18, 2023

4 Signs Your Construction Site Is Experiencing Theft

The construction industry has boomed in recent years. Unfortunately, however, so too has construction site theft. Indeed, according to Statista, in 2021, more than 11,500 burglaries were reported on construction sites in the United States alone. Quite likely, many more burglaries occurred but were never reported or even noticed.

Construction and project managers need to keep a close eye out for construction site theft. Fortunately, the right tools, like a mobile surveillance trailer and security cameras, can discourage criminal activities. Not sure if you’re at risk or have already been hit by thieves? Check out some tell-tale signs of criminal activity below.

1. New People Are Being Nosey

Often, burglars will case a construction site before attempting to steal anything. These would-be thieves may be looking for cameras or trying to see if you have a mobile surveillance trailer set up. They might also be looking for valuable tools and materials. Either way, if strangers are paying close attention to your site, you’ll want to pay close attention to them.

2. Folks Lurk Around After Hours

Many construction sites shut down at a certain point in the day. If you find people hanging out after your site is shut down, it may be because they’re looking to break in. This includes both strangers and employees. While most employees won’t steal from their employers, occasionally you may find yourself dealing with a bad apple. Fortunately, you can keep an eye on everyone from a mobile surveillance trailer.

3. Tools Are Going Missing

Sometimes tools get lost or end up destroyed. However, many thieves target tools because they’re often quite valuable and can be compact and easy to transport. If a lot of tools are going missing, it’s possibly because someone is stealing them.

4. Your Perimeters Have Been Breached

Many construction sites are protected by fencing and other perimeters. It’s smart to do regular walkarounds to check for signs that someone may have breached the perimeter. You might find a cut chain-link fence, for example. However, frequently, the signs are more subtle. If there’s a gate that’s rarely used, you may find that the padlock has been cut but the no-longer secure chain may still be in place, for example.

Looking to increase security on your construction site? Wise idea! Get in touch, and we can explore ways to improve security and safeguard your property.


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